Introduction 1 Introduction to writing a novel.

Welcome to Lesson 1!

Please watch the video, then complete the assignment (shown here). There is a workbook if you want to keep notes or write your thoughts about things talked about in the video. The project guideline is also available for download or viewing.


Write an introduction in first person from a character you wrote or a character you love. Imagine you are all sitting around a campfire and your character is there and must give an introduction.


The class project is a short story retelling (around 20,000 words in length) of “Beauty and the Beast." Retellings give a certain amount of structure, so the students aren’t starting from a blank slate. It can be a loose retelling, so even students who don’t like the story can create a work they are excited about. To get started, however, let’s read one of the most famous of the many, many “Beauty and the Beast” type fairytales.

Read the Beaumont version of “Beauty and the Beast.” It’s short and can be found for free through Project Gutenberg here:

I WRITE workbook.pdf
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